Simple, I drink people's blood.
Dying Breed
Save progress?

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❝ J A S F H E R ❞

Oh, Hi there, Jasfher. Haha

J - Jellybean Flavor?
Gotta be Lemon, and Banana for real.

A - Available?
Yes, I am sooo much available. :3 Too bad no one can afford me.

S - Song I last sang?
Love The Way You Lie pt. 2. Like it just randomly played while I was listening through my laptop. So I sang along.

F - Favorite Song?
I dunno about this one. I have  really huge repertoire that I can’t choose one.

H - Hometown?
I live here in Antipolo like more than half of my life, so yeah I guess I could call it my hometown.

E - Easiest person to talk to?
I am. I mean, anyone can just talk to me pretty much about anything. Hahaha

R - Reason to smile?I get to eat any food I want. That’s enough reason to smile.

❝ DAYN :D ❞

D - Drink I last had?
Water. Like seriously, I deprive myself of any excess, unnecessary sugar from soft drinks, and bottled juices.

A - Available?

Yes. Pretty much. I’m on sale too, just go to your nearest grocery store. Haha. Seriously, I am single, so yes, I am available.

Y - …last time I cried

I honestly don’t remember. Time has stiffened me that I don’t easily cry. I don’t cry at all, I guess.

N - Number of siblings

I have 2 - a brother and a sister. Though I adopted 2 more brothers and 2 pitbull puppies. Haha

Hi, Dayn :)

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❝ Do I swallow?
Yes I fucking swallow.
I swallow my dignity and pride
just to keep you satisfied.
I take in the hurt and words
you shove down my throat
over and over until I choke,
but you don’t care,
you don’t care.
I’m just skin to you,
a physical entity to occupy
the empty spaces on your hands,
the gap between your thighs.
and the cold side of your bed,
then you fall asleep
once you’ve had your fill.
You never deemed me fit
to take up the space that
actually matters - your heart,
You’ve reduced me to this,
all body, no mind or soul,
and you don’t care,
you don’t fucking care. ❞

When love is just lust (by Jai R.)

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You make all things new

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❝ Weaknesses Strengths Motivation Frustrations Inspirations Please please pleaaaaaseeeeeeee :3 Hello kuya ko :3 ❞

JP! Haha ang hirap ha. Wait lang…

I don’t have a sense of direction
I don’t know when to stop talking
I am brutally honest
I don’t have a hand-eye coordination
I am not emotionally stable

I have awesome brain power
I fear no person
I can survive in an island… alone
I can blend in any crowd, and stand out
I am a good teacher, lol

Motivation: (I don’t really get this one lol… so I’m answering “what gives me drive” instead)
Hmmm… Money. lol
Good food and music
Being able to play after a stressful day
A nice, warm bed to look forward to after a very tiring day
A sweet message from my friends, or my mom

I want to learn how to ride a bike
I want to go sky diving…
And bungee jumping
I dunno what else… lol

My family, of course…
My best friends, and super best friends (which are the same people btw, lol)

I dunno where else I get inspiration from… lol

And dami nyan. 25 points for the exam for me.

❝ Top 5 Pokemon ❞

Haha, hi Jeck :)

Top 5 Pokemon:
Greninja - just because it’s the coolest starter I’ve used

Kecleon - it’s a freakin’ chameleon, so it’s cool

Gyarados - loved this dude since Gen 1

Nidoking - this thing can sweep any team, is immune to poison and in most cases, paralysis, and Fairy types hate it

Espeon - just my favorite Eeveelution :)

❝ Fears, foods and movies. Please explain kung bakit cute ako. ❞

Fears: (this is kind of obsolete… I’m a fearless bastard!)
Touching a poisoned tip of a needle
Being shot by a gun on the forehead
Stuttering in front of a crowd
Being fired from my job
Die alone

Chocolate Cupcakes
Cotton Candy
Pickled Plums

Movies: (in exact order)
Summer Wars
(500) Days of Summer
Spirited Away
Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below
The Garden of Words

— I’ll explain kung bakit cute ka, if you can, in no less than 500 words, tell me kung nasaan na ang hustsya sa Pilipinas. kdot